The Growth of the Art World in Eighteenth Century England. Slides

The Growth of the Art World in Eighteenth Century England. Slides

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  1. J. H. Ramberg, engraved P.A. Martini, 1787, The Royal Academy Exhibition at Somerset House, 1788.

  2. Anthony van Dyck, Portrait of Charles I, c. 1635, oil on canvas, 272 × 212 cm, Musée du Louvre, Paris.

  3. Sir Godfrey Kneller, William III on Horseback with Allegorical Figures, 1701, oil on canvas, 444×428 cm, Royal Collection.

  4. John Wooton, George II at the Battle of Dettingen, c. 1743, King George II at the Battle of Dettingen, with the Duke of Cumberland and Robert, 4th Earl of Holderness, 27 June 1743, oil on canvas, National Army Museum.

  5. Sir Godfrey Kneller, Thomas Pelham Holles, Duke of Newcastle, and Henry Clinton, 7th Earl of Lincoln, c. 1721, oil on canvas, oil on canvas, 127×149.2 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  6. James Thornhill, Andrew Quicke in Conversation with the Ist Earl of Goldolphin, Joseph Addison, Sir Richard Steele, and the Artist, c. 1711-1712, oil on canvas, 66.4×91.4 cm, Private Collection.

  7. Rembrandt, The Syndics, 1662, oil on canvas, 191.5×279 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

  8. Anonymous, Conversation piece showing the 2nd Duke of Devonshire (at left, in red), Lord James Cavendish (standing, in brown), Elihu Yale (centre, in purple), and Mr. Tunstal, lounging in a loggia with long pipes and wine, with a Page, and children playing in the background, 1708, oil on canvas, 79.25×92.75 inches, Yale University Art Gallery.

  9. Joseph Van Aken, An English Family at Tea, c. 1720, 99.4×116.2 cm, Tate Gallery.

  10. Detail.

  11. English School, The Tea Table, c. 1710. engraving

  12. Jonathan Richardson, Dr Richard Mead, date unknown, oil on canvas, 76.2 cm x 63.5 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  13. Antoine Watteau, La Boudeuse, c. 1718, oil on canvas, 42×34 cm, Hermitage, Leningrad.

  14. Philip Mercier, A Conversation in a Park, c. 1720-5, oil on canvas, 34.3×29.2 cm, Duke of Northumberland.

  15. Philip Mercier, Sir John Brownlow, Viscount Tyrconnel, and his Family in the grounds of Belton House, 1725-26, oil on canvas, 64.8×75.6, National Trust.

  16. Philip Mercier, The Sense of Sight, c. 1744-7, oil on canvas, 132×153.6 cm, Yale Centre for British Art.

  17. Jonathan Richardson, Self-Portrait, 1729, oil on canvas, 73.7×62.9 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  18. Att to Jonathan Richardson, Alexander Pope, 1736, oil on canvas, 76.5×63.2 cm, MFA, Boston.

  19. Jonathan Richardson, Fisher Harding, Master Shipwright, active 1698-1701, with the Launch of the ‘Royal Sovereign’, 1701, oil on canvas, 127×103, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

  20. Charles Jervas, Thomas Carter (Rt. Hon., M.P., Secretary of State and Master of the Rolls), 1720, oil on painting, 160×130 cm, Private Collection.

  21. Michael Dahl, Self-Portrait, 1691, oil on canvas, 125.8×101.3 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  22. Michael Dahl, Queen Anne of Great Britain, 1705, oil on canvas, 236.8×144.8 cm, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  23. Willem Wissing (1656 – 1687) and Jan van der Vaart (1647 – 1721), Queen Anne of Great Britain, 1685, oil on canvas, 199.40×128.30 cm, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh.

  24. William Hogarth, The Wollaston Family, 1730, oil on canvas, 99×124.5 cm, Leicestershire Museums and Art Gallery.

  25. William Hogarth, The Assembly at Wanstead House, 1728-32, oil on canvas, 64.8×76.2 cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  26. William Hogarth, Self-Portrait painting Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, 1757-8, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  27. William Hogarth, Marriage A-la-Mode: 1, The Marriage Settlement, 1743, oil on canvas, 69.9×90.8 cm, National Gallery, London.

  28. William Hogarth, The Rake’s Progress, III: The Rake at the Rose Tavern, oil on canvas, 62.5×75 cm, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London.

  29. William Hogarth, engraving of plate III.

  30. William Hogarth, The Rake’s Progress, IV: The Rake in a Gambling House, etching and engraving, British Museum.

  31. Johann Sebastian Muller, (after Samuel Wale), A General Prospect of Vaux Hall Gardens, Shewing at one View the disposition of the whole Gardens, c. 1751, engraving and etching, Victoria and Albert Museum.

  32. Johann Sebastian Muller (after Samuel Wale), The Triumphal Arches, Mr Handel’s Statue in the South Walk of Vauxhall Gardens, c. 1751, engraving.

  33. Louis François Roubiliac, George Frederick Handel, 1738, marble, ht 135.3 cm, Victoria and Albert Museum.

  34. Detail: Handel as Orpheus.

  35. George Bickham Junior, Rural Beauty, or Vaux-hal Garden (William Boyce, from the Musical Entertainer), 1737, etching and engraving.

  36. Antonio Canaletto, The Great Walk in Vauxhall Gardens, c. 1751, oil on canvas, 50.8×76.8 cm, Private Collection.

  37. Francis Hayman and studio, May-Day or the Milkmaid’s Garland, c. 1741-2, oil on canvas, 138.5×240 cm, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

  38. Francis Hayman and studio, Country Dancers round the Maypole, c. 1741-2, oil on canvas, 136×214.7 cm, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

  39. William Hogarth, The Jones Family, c. 1730-1, oil on canvas, 69×90 cm, Private Collection.

  40. Francis Hayman, The See-Saw, oil on canvas, 1741-2, oil on canvas, Tate Gallery, London.

  41. Francis Hayman, Modello for the Play Scene from ‘Hamlet’, 1745, oil on canvas, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.

  42. William Hogarth, The Taste of the Town (aka Masquerades and Operas), 1724, etching and engraving, Royal Collection.

  43. William Hogarth, Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram, 1740, oil on canvas, 239×147.5 cm, Foundling Museum, London.

  44. Charles Grignion, (after Samuel Wale), A Perspective View of the Foundling Hospital, with Emblematic Figures, 1749, engraving.

  45. General Court Room of the Foundling Hospital.

  46. William Hogarth, Moses Brought before Pharaoh’s Daughter, 1746, oil on canvas, 172.7×208.3 cm, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children.Moses Brought Before Pharaoh's Daughter

  47. Joseph Highmore, The Angel Appearing to Hagar and Ishmael, 1746, oil on canvas, 173×193 cm, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children.

  48. Francis Hayman, The Finding of Moses, in the Bullrushes, 1746, oil on canvas, 173×204 cm, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children.

  49. James Wills, Little Children brought unto Christ, 1746, oil on canvas, 173×209.5 cm, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children.

  50. Richard Wilson, View of the Foundling Hospital, c. 1746, oil on canvas, diameter 53.3 cm, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children.

  51. Richard Wilson, Cader Idris, 1774, oil on canvas, 511×73 cm, Tate, London.

  52. Thomas Rowlandson and A. Pugin, Christie’s Auction Room, engraved by J Black. 1808.

  53. Charles Brandoin, The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1771, engraved by Richard Earlom, 1772.

  54. John Francis Rigaud, Sir William Chambers; Joseph Wilton; Sir Joshua Reynolds, oil on canvas, 1782, National Portrait Gallery, London.

  55. Charles Grignion (after Samuel Wale), The Genius of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture Relieving the Distressed, head piece to a catalogue of the Society of Artists of Great Britain, London, 1761, engraving.

  56. Benjamin West Venus and Cupid, 1765, oil on canvas, oval, 95×82 cm, The Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee.

  57. Benjamin West, Pylades and Orestes Brought as Victims before Iphigenia, 1763, oil on canvas, Tate, London.

  58. Gavin Hamilton, Achilles bewailing the death of Patroclus, 1760-3, oil on canvas, 252×391 cm, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.

  59. Paolo de Matteis, The Choice of Hercules, oil on canvas, 198×256 cm, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

  60. Benjamin West, Agrippina Landing at Brundisium with the Ashes of Germanicus, 1768, oil on canvas, 164×200 cm, Yale University Art Gallery.

  61. Nicolas Poussin, The Death of Germanicus, 1628, 148×198 cm, Minneapolis Museum of Arts.

  62. Anton Raphael Mengs, 1760-1, oil on canvas, 118×83 cm, Hoare Collection, Stourhead.

  63. Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolfe, 1770, oil on canvas, 151×213 cm, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

  64. William Woolet, engraving of West’s Death of General Wolfe.


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